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How to use a thermos cup?

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How to use a thermos cup? Can a thermos cup be made of tea? How to use the thermos cup to teach you how to use the thermos cup. In particular, the older generation of the family loved to bring a thermos cup, and then put tea in it to make tea. Some have been soaking for 2 days, and the tea leaves have not been changed, nor have they cleaned the teacups. Generally speaking, there is no doubt about using a thermos cup to make tea. But the best way to make tea is not to use a hot cup.

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Generally speaking, after opening the seal, even if the cryogenic reservation is not suitable for more than half a day, the hot milk in the heat preservation cup, like a Petri dish, will quickly change, should be prevented. And a short time to keep cold is not a big question. Soda water can not be packed in vacuum flask. It is dangerous to put soda water in a rigid container. In terms of cleanliness, even if it is only boiled water, the vacuum cups need to be cleaned once a day, otherwise the warm environment will make the bacteria multiply.

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