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Using a thermos cup to make tea and soy milk can be poisoned? There are 3 classic misconceptions about stainless steel.

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With a mug of tea, Soybean Milk poisoning? There are 3 classic myths about stainless steel. The name "stainless steel", it is easy to think that it will not rust. Oh! Wolverine will grow old in years of erosion under!

Stainless steel is certainly not "mortal", giving it a corrosion proof "Chrome", also can in certain circumstances because of rust and precipitation.

304 Cup stainless steel vacuum insulation Cup business

The...... The problem here......

- - -

The stainless steel cup of tea will be poisoned?

Is what we often say a word?

Leave on dose toxicity, is bullying.

The provisions in the national standard in china:

Stainless steel chromium migration, should not exceed 0.4 mg / dm2.

The 0.4 again have what meaning?

The test is on the stainless steel ware 4% acetic acid solution, boil for 30 minutes, soak 24 hours after precipitation of chromium.

In fact in life?

First, we usually drink tea, only very weak acid. A cup of water to corrosion of stainless steel? This is even worse than with acetic acid, one hundred and eight thousand.

Second, no one will make tea in the stainless steel cup boiling for 30 minutes, also soak a long time, right?

So rest assured that with the stainless steel cup of tea is good, really do not have to worry about the problem of precipitation of heavy metals.

This cup of tea would not finish, can put a lot of days? Not absolutely not, but......

For a long time will be moldy moldy metamorphism, is probably the first thing you have to worry about!

Straw diamond cup Stainless Steel Mug

Well, we will look at the second question:

- - -

Insulation Cup Soybean Milk, will be poisoned?

There have been saying:

Soya bean milk in the stainless steel insulation Cup, heat preservation pot, will make a large number of bacteria breeding, soybean milk sour and deterioration, will also make the "soap toxin" dissolved in soybean milk, drinking will harm the health of the human body.

Oh! To breed bacteria, first with bacteria, but also a suitable bacterial growth temperature conditions.

If it is installed just boiled hot Soybean Milk, exactly is "hot", that's no problem.

While the temperature is very high, directly poured into the cup, and must cover tightly. This is equivalent to the formation of a seal, no air, high temperature environment, which the bacteria are killed, can be assured.

If the temperature is Soybean Milk left to drink, is relatively easy to breed bacteria.

If just a few hours, but also need not worry too much. But if you want to put Soybean Milk longer, first with boiling water will soak Wash Cup again, there may exist to kill bacteria, then pour into the Soybean Milk.

Not only Soybean Milk is this truth, you want to use a variety of milk is also, insulation cup soup soup water.

As for the Soybean Milk will dissolve saponin toxins, is torn.

In fact, as long as Soybean Milk has been thoroughly cooked, almost completely saponin is degraded, will not cause poisoning.

The coke bottle plating Mug

Well, there is a problem:

- - -

Stainless steel pot boiling.

Will have Parkinson's disease?

This fear is common:

Stainless steel products to cook, will precipitate heavy metals "manganese", will lead to Parkinson's disease.

As you may not know, manganese is not only an internationally recognized low toxic metal element, but also a necessary trace element in the human body. It is very important for the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, calcium absorption, blood glucose regulation and normal brain and nerve function.

However, if the intake exceed the standard is poisonous. Late manganese poisoning, may appear similar to Parkinson syndrome symptoms, such as systemic sclerosis, bradykinesia...... But this is not Parkinson's disease, but was misinterpreted.

It will precipitate from the stainless steel products of manganese is very limited, ordinary people do not need to worry about wine and dine will manganese poisoning.

Long engaged in manganese mining, smelting and processing, industrial workers welding, by way of breathing excessive intake of manganese, but really want to pay particular attention to the next.

- - -

How to use stainless steel the most assured?

1., don't over heat.

For example, when cooking with stainless steel pot, not empty pot burst fire.

2. do not store food in stainless steel tanks for long time.

In particular, should not be used to bloom salt, sauce, vinegar and other spices, for a long time also will rust. It is best to use ceramic or glass.

3. when cleaning, preferably with sponge or cotton.

As far as possible without sharp instruments, such as metal cleaning ball, hard plastic brush etc..

4. purchase, choose a regular store of qualified products, not petty.

There are words I not to be spoken...... But I still want to say:

As long as the "qualified products, the normal use, do not need to worry too much.

Stainless steel utensils commonly used in life, have good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

All stainless steel utensils and food related countries, for which limited chromium and manganese components have strict safety rules.

You may question now, counterfeit products so much, where can I believe the product is qualified?

Between the people and God, or "basic trust".

If you are in regular stores to buy, rather than just save a few bucks to buy defective roadside......

After another "XXX" stainless steel harmful articles, you can turn off the watch, don't be scared senseless title.


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